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GHL Portón Medellín Hotel’s Medellin

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July 13 2018

Medellin for a weekend
Traveling to Medellin on a weekend is possible with a good advice to schedule the visit to the sites of greatest tourist interest in and out of the city. One of the recommended options is to take a City-tour, this service can be hired inside the hotel with a tour operator or directly with the Turibus, which is a tourist bus that is taken very close to the hotel (park the village) and that for space of 2 hours takes you to traverse R practically the whole city. This bus has a panoramic ¨ format ¨ which is very nice. Another option is to take a subway tour to Arvi Park. This park is a fantastic nature reserve that allows you the option of guided hikes and even horseback riding. With this option you can enjoy pure air, have a very nice visual of the whole city, enjoy a peasant market, picnic and enjoy a delicious lunch ¨ mountaineer ¨. Another unmissable plan on the outskirts of the city is to visit the municipality of Santa Fe de Antioquia, declared cultural heritage by its architecture, its warm climate is ideal to enjoy a sunny day with lunch in one of its many inns. Finally, there are two more suggestions with temperate climate, to the east and south of the department: one is to visit a coffee plantation to know a coffee crop and taste the aroma of coffee in the region, and the other is to take a boat ride through the famous dam of Guat Apé and climb the stone of the Peñol, a program practically obliged from where you can view one of the most beautiful panoramas of the whole department.

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