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GHL Portón Medellín Hotel’s Special Occasions in Medellin

GHL Portón Medellín Hotel

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GHL Portón Medellín Hotel’s Special Occasions

Hotel in Medellin

Special Occasions

July 27 2018

For special occasions, memorable romantic plans
To celebrate special dates as a couple, the Hotel offers a wide portfolio of plans with and without accommodation. Prices range from $250,000 pesos and include varied services to choose from and according to the reason for the celebration. If it's a romantic celebration, the best plans include delicate rose-petaled room mounts, heart-shaped red bombs, bouquets of flowers, wine and chocolate bonbons. If it's a birthday celebration, there's a plan that includes chocolate cake to share, decorating with colorful bombs and confetti. But if you prefer an option to relax together, the ideal plan includes SPA services. This option guarantees maximum rest through 2 hours in which the face, the back and the body are pampered with a coffee or chocolate exfoliation, a moisturizing mask and a fabulous massage with oil and essences for 45 minutes, when finished, you can take Together a glass of wine in a private Jacuzzi with bubbles. The options without accommodation apply in the restaurant with dinners with candles and petals or with a birthday theme. There are also plans for a ¨ ¨ Sun day which includes lunch and a relaxing massage. All the options are ideal to indulge in a couple without leaving the city on a weekend. Discover on www. Hotelportonmedelllin your favorite option and surprise your partner with this fabulous invitation.

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